Ok, so GCI started a few weeks ago, (three actually) and has been running really smoothly. I decided I was going to track my progress in GCI this year. Well, it was inspired by GSoC, after I read the article about keeping a weekly report, I asked myself “why not do the same with GCI”

I’m participating this year with OpenMRS  an open source medical record system. OpenMRS is very warm and welcoming. And I like the way the whole system all laid-out. OpenMRS, (or just OMRS) is well organised and each person has a part they play in the very, very wide community they have. And since I’m a GCI student with OMRS, I guess I count as a developer/community member in OpenMRS.

OK, so this is week three of the competition and I have done a couple of task already, like the GSoC promo video I made, and a bunch of other stuff. Also, I meet new people everyday on the IRC and Telegram Channels. It’s really kinda fun talking to people that you’re not so sure how they even look like, but yet you help them out when they get in trouble.

After GCI you can forget a few coding skills you acquired or forget a few faces you got to see. But the one thing that will last forever is the community and the discussions

Above is the GSoC promo video I  made and I hope you like this one, because more will be coming. And don’t forget to subscribe 🙂