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Week #5 GCI Overview — January 4, 2017

Week #5 GCI Overview

Image credit to Me (Drew this myself 🙂 )

Hey, so it’s the end of 2016 finally and 2017 is here! And life as a developer still continues :). I know this write up is coming in a little bit late, but I’ll explain why I intentionally did not write this piece earlier. We are installing the new year with lots of different thoughts, and this year, I decided to make at least 1 commit everyday 🙂

So, week 5 of GCI passed a few days ago and the end is drawing closer and closer to the end everyday. With barely 13 days till GCI ends, things are pretty smooth and the week was a lot better than week #4.

So I decided I was going to write this article late because I was still deciding what to actually put in it as a ton of events have happened in this last and wonderful last week of the year. So on the 31 of December 2016, in just under 3 hours I made 23 commits one repository on GitHub! And surprisingly, GitHub got broken lol (Well it wasn’t that bad  though)

Yep. That is GitHub on New Year’s Eve

On that night I was busy creating a simple timedown clock lol. The code can be found on my GitHub page. So basically the last week of 2016 was splendid and cool.

The GCI channel was funky with a lot of wishing (Merry Christmas and all that… you get my point). As GCI draws closer and closer to the end, it feels like it should never end. It has truly made me see the world of Open Source from a different angle.

Well, happy holidays to you and Happy New Year